Driving Skills Flashcards

Drivers Education Flash Cards

Make sure you enter from the front of your car when? Carry or wear something white. It decreases your coordination and impairs your judgement. Causes you to misjudge your speed and distance. Things to know for your driver's ed permit test.

Gradually take your foot off the gas pedal. What should you do if you're following a motorcycle? In the city, what does managing space help you do? The conditions, because they can change abruptly!

Driving Skills Flashcards

When you are nearing the top of the hill what shoudl you do? If it is raining or dark you should? What is unique about motorcycles? What should you do if you encounter an aggressive driver? How fast does alcohol affect your driving ability?

Grip the wheel firmly and make sure to keep it straight. Get to the right side of your lane to avoid any traffic you might not be able to see. Travels at a speed of mph. Yield to cars already in the circle.

Why shouldn't you use your cell phone? What should you do if there is no way to merge on to the freeway, because of other cars? If the highway is wet what following distance should you have?

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Why should you avoid the right side of a turning semi? That is a lane for special people such as carpools. Because it is a mental distraction. They enable you to use your full force when braking, asus onboard network card driver and prevent the brakes from locking. You can tell when you might hydroplane when the car in front of you is making water splashes.

Let the cars coming from the left and right go first. What do you have to do if you see wear bars in your tires?

How can you obtain more traction on a wet road? What do lane use lights do? Slow down, it can sometimes make you lose traction.

Driving Skills Flashcards

What should you do to prevent emergency situations? Shift into a lower gear to control your speed.

Controlled and uncontrolled. It helps you see other people and be seen! What is the four second rule?

They give you a false sense of alertness. Find a safe spot and sleep. What should you do if you can't stay awake while driving? Wait until the farm vehicle has the chance to pull over to the side, then pass with caution. Go around the block and try again.

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Use the inside lanes for through-travel, and the outside lanes for turning. What should you do if the driver in front of you is distracted? What is a point of conflict? Art Of The Early Americas.

It takes around four seconds for a person to stop their car, on average. Front Back What do you do if you keep getting passed in the center lane?

Driver's Ed Permit Test Cards. Software Specification Overview.

How do amphetimines effect you? Look far ahead in the center of your lane. Look at the white lines on the road to keep straight. What does the solid white line mark?

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They are hard to see becasue they are smaller. Maintain a safe distance, because you take longer to stop. What should you do if your brakes are malfunctioning? Don't respond to other people. Look ahead to ensure there is enough room for you to pass.

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If you miss a turn what is the safest thing to do? Look around to make sure people are stopping and paying attention, then go. Let you know if you can use a lane.

Drivers Education

Stop and rest every miles. By following the tire tracks of the car in front of you. How far should you follow to be able to stop? When you lose control of the speed and direction in your car. Before you change lanes what should you do?

Slow down and check the shoulder. Look at your mirror and check your blind spot. When do you have the right of way? You should not use your high beams.

What is the most common reason for loss of traction in snow? Always be constantly searching. It has just began to drizzle. On the highway and there are no cars approaching.

Drivers education flash cards