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World Rally Champions Lists of auto racing people Lists of motorsport champions. He was the fastest driver in the world and he wanted to prove it on every corner of every stage David Evans on Colin McRae. What were your favourite events?

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The exception to that was his electrifying win on the Lakes Rally of in a Ford Escort Cosworth. Watch a masterclass in driving from the man himself in the video below.

The French round had been moved to Loeb's home region of Alsace in honour of him. At first, Mouton was a co-driver, but she soon became an independent driver.

Colin McRae

Finland has a habit of breeding superb rally drivers. Like so many rally drivers, Colin McRae had the sport in his blood. There are a handful of drivers that managed to push the boundaries and achieve success and worldwide fame.

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The points column lists the points counted in the championship. You can't find anything so different to the Safari. Timo was most famous for his amazing hat-tricks of wins. He later went to drive for Subaru and he also drove half of the season for Hyundai.

After a few years of great results, he went for the European Rally Championship title. Loeb will remain an important part of the history of rally simply because he managed to win nine consecutive world championship titles. He led from the start and won the rally, and the world championship, all in his home town of Haguenau. Without any doubt, the next rally superstar after Carlsson was the man who shares a surname and initial with our current World Rally Champion, Timo Makinen.

That day is marked as one of the saddest days in rally history. Oh, and, to get up the ladder, you need a pretty solid financial backing too.

You always knew just where it was going. And he headed every rally he did. This artist of rallying will be sorely missed. However, he took his second Dakar rally win in with his Peugeot team.

What makes Loeb especially impressive is his chameleonic ability to switch track altogether. McRae's unwavering refusal to settle for second when there remained any possible chance of victory is what stands out about him for me. In any case, the effective outcome is that, of all those voted for, not one rally driver comes from the first half of the century. Sandro Munari was born in in a small town of Cavarzere in Italy. Rally Racing For Beginners.

The wild man of rallying, McRae died in in a chopper crash. We outline ten of the greatest drivers ever to storm a special stage. As if the prospect of two drivers going head-to-head on the final round of the season wasn't enough, there were sub-plots everywhere.

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But it is just possible that, in the first few months of the twenty-first century, Motor Sport has already discovered something harder. Of, course, he won that one, too. Doesn't sound great, does it?

On top of that, as of now, Loeb managed to gather an unbelievable World Rally Championship stage wins. They also did big cross, a driving discipline quite similar to rally. His son, Oliver, is also a successful rally and crosskart driver. The tragic destiny of Henri Toivonen is well known among rally fans.

And his fighting spirit that never seems to diminish. You don't have to use so many tricks to get it going round the bends, the handling is so much better. Erik Carlsson John Davenport. They have done some karting and, actually, they beat me easily.

Next best was the Lakes here in Finland. Every year, they speak to some of the best racing drivers the world has ever seen, freescale usb tap drivers for mac and there's no room for being star-struck or tongue-tied.

Best rally drivers

Colin McRae

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